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Why we call ourselves Faith & Freedom Coalition:


We believe that the greatness of America lies not in the federal government but in the character of our people — the simple virtues of faith, hard work, marriage, family, personal responsibility, and helping the least among us. If we lose sight of these values, America will cease to be great.


Never before has it been more critical for us to speak out for these values. That is why the Faith and Freedom Coalition of New Jersey is committed to educating, equipping, and mobilizing people of faith and like-minded individuals to be effective citizens. Together WE WILL influence public policy and enact legislation that strengthens families, promotes time-honored values, protects the dignity of life and marriage, lowers the tax burden on small business and families, and requires government to tighten its belt and live within its means.


       Click Here to learn more about the History, Principles, and Goals of Faith & Freedom Coalition.


Ryan Mauro is a geopolitical analyst and has been working on this project for some time now. The facts and information contained in this video were extremely difficult to come by as evidenced by the gunfire you'll hear as he's fleeing an area of great importance.


The Saudi government does not want you to have this information and is preparing to "modernize" the area with high rise buildings and modern infrastructure so this information will be hidden forever. 

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