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History of FFCNJ

Our group began as the "Greenwich Tea Party".      A few years later, we took on a new name, the "Faith and Freedom Coalition of New Jersey."

We are now the New Jersey affiliate of a large national organization with roughly 1 million members. There were several reasons for making this change:

The title is FAITH and FREEDOM.      (Download a pdf poster about FFCNJ to share with your Church and Others)

As a Tea Party, we had always maintained that America's problems stem from a continuing decline in morality due to a complete and utter disregard for God and His Commandments. For many of us, we have witnessed the removal of the Bible and prayer from schools, abortion, same sex marriage just to name a few. This is just in OUR lifetime and the decline is steamrolling to new heights because we remain silent.


America is "One Nation Under God" but can we truly say today that it is? Hence, the name "FAITH" in our title. We believe that we must do our part to educate pastors and their churches to not fear the government and take a stand for what is morally right. Look around. Our religious freedom is being attacked from all sides as we look on in total disbelief and do nothing.


As for the "FREEDOM" in our title? That's where the traditional Tea Party movement still exists. Our goal is to educate and work toward maintaining the freedom we so enjoy in this country. We will continue to work with our legislators and stay on top of what's happening in our State and in Washington, DC. You play a critical role when you make those phone calls and send emails to your representatives.


We were very new as an affiliate during the last mid-term election and though many of us did help do what we could, our involvement was limited.  I can, however, assure you that the national organization, along with other State affiliates, played a massive role in getting people out to vote. Their tireless efforts were key to winning those very strategic Republican seats. I am looking forward to being the New Jersey affiliate of Faith and Freedom as the presidential election gears up. There is power in numbers and Faith and Freedom has proven its strength.


As frustrating as some days can be, and trust me, I have felt that all too often, we all have a job to do. We cannot be silent and let our children and grandchildren pay the price for our being complacent. I want to be able to say I did everything I could. I know you do too.

Our country was founded on faith and freedom.  Let's keep it that way.            Respectfully, Ron Giordano, President

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